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Guitarist- Composer Sebastian Noelle Frees His Inner Spirit in ‘Shelter’

Seldom times a daring prodigious talent pushes the artistic rules and fuse his revolutionary ideas to say what he has to say, without uttering a word. Such is the case with guitarist- composer Sebastian Noelle. Now in his third studio album titled “Shelter,” Noelle’s progressive approach transcends advanced musical techniques. He transforms his guitar into a charismatic poet speaking fluent jazz. In short, Sebastian Noelle is to jazz what Residente is to Latin alternative: strong, poetic voices capturing…

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Alter Bridge’s ‘The Last Hero’: The Sound of Solidarity

2016 has been as one of the most chaotic political eras in American history, resulting in social unrest, tense division, and undemocratic electoral tactics. In particular, the constant belittlement and demonization of American communities have left many fearful for their future and their lives. Artists of every medium are using their distinct platforms to uplift, console, and denounce the hateful rhetoric spewed by so-called “leaders.” Alter Bridge’s ‘The Last Hero’ is their artistic contribution to a…

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La vida bohéme: Luchando por Venezuela desde la distancia

Los Latinos amantes de la vida nos aferramos a la ‘bohéme’ o bohemia como reflexión y escape. En el caso de La Vida Bohéme, su reflexión no es un escape, sino un mensaje contundente politico-social sobre Venezuela, y el mundo, en un tiempo desesperante lleno de protesta, incertidumbre, coraje y distorción. Su nuevo álbum La Lucha muestra un lado sútil, pero profundo; una introspección sobre la vida misma. Con tan sólo respirar ganamos porque muestra que aún vivimos. Entonces ¿por qué luchamos? Estás y…

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Polock Recharges Music with ‘Magnetic Overload’

Polock is fresh indie rock band hailing from Valencia, Spain. And even though they come from La Madre España, they rock the world in English. Their polished, upbeat and classic rock sound  have garnered them worldwide recognition. They are magnetic and have the musical gift which makes their music attractive, but not being necessarily simple, but, complex in its composition and arrangements instead. 

After two successful albums- Rising up, and Getting Down From The Trees – Papu Sebastián (Vocals &amp…

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How Afro Latinas & Latinos Redefined Mainstream Pop

Editor's Note: This article was previously published here 

Although the Latin community prides itself on its diversity and the multiple, rich mix of cultures, Afro-Latinas and Afro-Latinos are often overlooked in terms of recognition, inclusion and contributions to black history. The multiple dimensions of Latin and Hispanic identity reflect the long, oppressive and bloody colonial history of Latin America, a period when indigenous native Americans, Europeans, Africans and Asians intermixed. It’s often…

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