2015: Counting my blessings

Boy, oh boy, 2015 was tough! Everything that went wrong, well, went worse. School was incredibly challenging. There again, shouldn't it be? There were a couple of health scares, including a bad allergic reaction that landed me in the ER. Then, there were a couple of people that became lessons. Yes, betrayals, chismes and ill willed shenanigans crowded my path, and clouded my mind. But those are distractions. Ok. 

Taking this to another level, let's add a job loss. Again, I find myself in the unemployment line, begging for stability and independence. Of course, that didn't happen before having filed for divorce. Then, my life turned upside down when my dad became sick, going in and out of the ER and different doctors. As I turned 40 on 11/17/15- and that's another story- I also turned the page into a whole new chapter in my life; one where I'll miss my father for the rest of my life as he passed 11/28/15. And I shall never be the same. 

But everything that went good, was fantastic. So, to close 2015 and put everything behind me, I shall countdown the main blessings of 2015. 

10- My good friend walked out a free man: After serving time, he finally closed those gates behind him and walked into a new life. 

9- Friends share their light: Bruja shared chanting and meditation, Muñeca taught me self-love, Karen stood in solidarity, Soldanela showered positive energy, Lisa Gabriella and Omar Silva redefined true friendship, and many others showed true love and compassion. 

8- Spend 10 days in Puerto Rico and enjoy my nephew's birthday.... and got inked, again. More importantly, I gave my parents a piece of our other Motherland, Ireland: Yes, I caught them by surprise. 

Millie García and Mario Fitzpatrick receiving the land's paperwork 

7- My divorce finalizes: Sometimes freedom comes at a price. I paid in full and got my receipt. On to new loving possibilities. 

6- Music journalism skyrockets: I met and interviewed the most amazing artists, including Ana Tijoux and Cultura Profética. 

Cultura Profética 

5- My mother comes to NY and revitalizes my living arrangements: no more brown carpet getting me sick! 

Milagros García, Caridad De La Luz and my cousin Juan Usera 

4- Carlos Calancha and Vilma Flecha donate O negative blood for my father: There are angels living among us. They stepped up and instantly transformed into heroes. 

3- I'm an aunt of an adorable girl named Leena Fitzpatrick Rosa: Born 12/28/15, she came a little early, and we're excited! 

2- I'm named CEO of Latino Rebels: I'm eternally grateful to Julio Ricardo Varela and the team. 

1- I share Thanksgiving, alone with my dad, one last time..... his last day awake. 

Dr. Mario Fitzpatrick Usera: 04/09/45- 11/28/15 

And with this countdown I ring a new year full of possibilities, lessons and blessings. We can only go up! LET'S ROCK! 

Happy and Prosperous 2016!

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