Already Saved Neighbor

Miren lo que recibí. Estos religiosos buscan convertirte de alguna forma u otra. Bueno, pues yo calladita no me veo más bonita, oh no. Así que, aquí les dejo la carta que les escribí.

Dear Neighbor:
Although I appreciate your time and handwritten invitation, I wish you would invest your time and energy in more useful things than bullying others into joining your cult. Clearly you have community organizing skills and the will to promote a better life. Unfortunately religious zealots have created smoking mirrors with Bible education, diminishing, judging and assuming critical freethinkers like myself aren’t educated enough. This harassment and belittlement must stop.
So, if you want a ”World Government” with a “Qualified New Ruler” start by rising against the injustices corrupt politicians and religious idiots have imposed on us.
Here’s the deal: if you have your entire church send letters to Obama demanding the freedom of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera and you send me proof, I will attend your event. Attached is the letter in English and Spanish. Make copies and have everyone at your church send them. Call the White House, do a special campaign, just like the one you’re part of.  Otherwise, please refrain from contacting me again. The choice is yours.
Good luck!
In true Human Solidarity,
Already Saved Neighbor


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