Cultura Profética: Reggae Rebeldes

Unless you were literally living under a glacier in Antarctica while being raised by penguins for the last 20 years, you must’ve heard of (according to Argentinean band “Los Cafres”) the best Spanish reggae band out there: Cultura Profética. These rebels with many causes combine complex melodic harmonies and hypnotic syncopated beats with an I’m-out-of-fucks-to-give lyrical style.

After many studio and live albums, these musical superheroes have conquered the world one call-and-response offbeat at a time. They have received numerous recognitions and awards, not to mention that front man Willy Rodríguez is considered one of the best male vocalists of our generation.

What makes them iconic Puerto Rican (and Latin American) gods is that their entire career has been successfully achieved, independently. You heard. Never have they ever had a major record label backing.

Recently, I shared some words and mimosas with Omar Silva, the band’s rhythm guitarist, bassist, composer and producer.

Marlena Fitzpatrick: We’re excited to learn you’re recording your sixth studio album. How is that coming along?

Omar Silva: The new album is half way through. It still doesn’t have a full concept or a title, but it’s taking shape. Right now we’re recording five or six songs of which one is already recorded. So, let’s say we have half album almost done.

MF: Do you have a release date?

OS: Thanks to our independence, we do not have the pressure of a record label to honor deadlines. Basically, our last studio album was La Dulzura from 2010 and it has been so good that we’re still touring with our work. We turned 19 years old, this past May 16th. There’s a pressure for new repertoire, however. Our audience, longs for a new album.

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