Federico Peña: ‘My Country, My Vote’

Federico Peña, former secretary of Transportation and of Energy under Clinton 

Our community has few iconic and powerful leaders in American politics. One of those political heroes is Texan Federico Peña. 

Peña graduated from The University of Texas School of Law in 1977 and was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives as a Democrat in 1979, where he rose to become minority leader. In 1983 Peña became the first Latino mayor of Denver, a post to which he was re-elected in 1987. Soon thereafter, President Clinton came knocking on his door and picked him as the secretary of U.S. Department of Transportation from 1993 to 1997 and secretary of Energy from 1997 to 1998. 

Now in business, Peña dedicates his energy and efforts to building our community. One of those initiatives is a call to action inviting everyone fed up with the hatred spewed by politicians to register to vote, in hopes we come together and vote such officials out of power. 

Given we have a lot in common — as we both lived in Austin, Texas and are graduates from The University of Texas system — I had to sit down with our fellow Rebelde for a short chat. 

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